TinyCo | About Us
At TinyCo, we’re making millions of people happy 5 minutes at a time by bringing the world’s largest entertainment franchises to mobile gaming. Our players have enjoyed billions of minutes with our fun, imaginative worlds. Where will you go with us?
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TinyCo, a Jam City-owned company, is a San Francisco studio at the forefront of bringing the world’s most popular entertainment franchises to mobile games. Our titles, including Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff and Marvel Avengers Academy, have been downloaded more than 115 million times and in the process, have won several “Best Game” awards. And with huge Hollywood properties on the horizon, we’re just getting started!

As gamers ourselves, we attribute our success to our passionate team. Our mission is to make millions of people happy five minutes at a time. We believe when you staff a team with creative people, cut away bureaucracy, and add in heavy doses of fun & challenge, you get award-winning results!



Our games have been downloaded more than 115 million times worldwide. We were one of the first to crack the code for monetizing games on Android. We’re building games with some of the largest IP in the world. We’re just getting started, and we’ve got an all-star team to prove it.